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We Adopt a Sniper Marketing Approach

Our Services

A Sniper Marketing Approach

A “Sniper approach to marketing” is a marketing or advertising strategy which involves targeting a clearly defined audience effectively and efficiently through clearly defined marketing and promotional strategy! It’s a type of marketing that aims to put the right Product or Service in front of the right person, at the right time!

The advantages in adopting Sniper Marketing Approach:

  • It is cost effective:

  • It is targeted

  • It can be tracked

  • There’s room for Follow-Up.

  • It is Personal.

Our Preferred Marketing Techniques

As stated, we focus on B2B marketing campaigns to generate real and qualified Leads for your company or organsiation. We prefer direct contact with the Owner; CEO; MD or Other nominated person. We achieve this through research and mainly use the most appropriate Digital Marketing method/s to make contact. This can include a variety of complementary supporting approaches. Often, we will also make an appointment to call the person who has replied to us, to explain the nature of us contacting them on behalf of our customer. Thus, we all need to be clear to send the right “Conviction” messages, as previously stated. Excellent “Conviction Messages” results in a pro rata great response from our campaigns – thus, we only take on customers who have a unique or well thought out customer offering. Sometimes, to be different and stand out, an old fashion hard copy letter to a Target prospect is actually better than an email, as the old fashion approach is too often forgotten and now stands out from the crowd of emails we all receive. To obtain more detail on this subject, please contact us.


How are we Remunerated

Each of our customers is provided with a written quotation. Typically, all of our fees are achieved on a payment by results basis. No retainers! However, we request fast payment due to our commission only approach. Our preferred payment method is via debit/credit card or direct debit via GoCardless.

Full Customer Experience Service

We try hard to keep our customers involved with the agreed process and campaign we undertake on their behalf. Some customers testimonials include via our brands:

Solar Land Acquisitions (SLA) logo.jpg

"Mr Walters has worked as a contractor on the INSPIRE Project, for 2 years as a trainer and mentor in a consultancy capacity. The INSPIRE Project is part of the Ireland Wales Co-operation Programme and is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The work that Mr Walters has conducted has been carried out on demand, as and when project participants require specialist advice and consultancy.


Mr Walters specialised in providing Risk and Corporate Finance advice for SMEs. He was involved with the delivery of specialist workshops on these topics and was responsible for meeting with project participants to carry out one to one mentoring. The workshops were designed as well as delivered by Mr Walters and he has also significantly contributed towards the project's legacy in the form of a book called `The INSPIRE Best Practise Guide — an Innovation Mindset'.


The project catered for new start up companies, SMEs and third sector organisations. Mr Walters' standard of work was exceptional and this was reflected in the feedback from the clients and from the external evaluation that was carried out on the project. His conduct was exemplary and of the highest professional standard, which greatly contributed to the overall success of the project. His commitment to the project was reflected by his actions, which went above and beyond the expected for the client's welfare.


We would without any doubt use Ken Walters for future projects."


- David G Thomas, Manager of Bridge Innovation Centre and Project Director of the INSPIRE Project​

"I have no hesitation in providing a good reference for Ken and his firm - The Business Exchange. Ken has helped my firm to identify two target businesses to buy and has been instrumental in assisting us in putting the deals together and thus he has helped us add over circa £2million annual sales turnover to our business due to these acquisitions.

Our group turnover is now circa £4million p.a. Ken is seen as our Corporate Finance and Acquisitions Specialist."

- Mr Damien Jones, JDJ, Managing Director

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